Vin Check Pro

I love buying used cars. I’ve had an ’05 SLK55 AMG, ’05 Audi B6 S4, and a ’03 E55 AMG. Being that those cars are pretty hard to come by, finding out the vehicle history is always the most expensive part (other than the plane ticket to go see the car).

I bought the Audi S4 sight unseen, trusting that the CarFax would do it justice (spent a bunch of money using CarFax as well). The CarFax hid a lot of issues that weren’t reported and I was very disappointed for the amount of money I paid.

I have come to tell you that there is an alternative to CarFax that is arguably better, and at a WAYYY lower price. They are currently selling 5 reports for about $13 and a one time report for $7. That is absolutely unbeatable. I don’t know why dealers and consumer’s aren’t jumping all over this.

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You’re welcome.

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