Aquaponics 4 You

So my best friend/business partner loves to be on the cutting edge of whatever is new in the world. Once again he brought another breakthrough of technology to my attention: Aquaponics…Needless to say I was skeptical.

Here’s how it was explained to me:

Fish waste (from a fish tank) is combined with water and a pump system that will push the water through pipes that feed the plants and create exponential growth without soil or any mess. It is done indoors as well, so you can grow plants year-round.

The explanation wasn’t clear so I decided to do further research, and I found the best guide: PERIOD. Aquaponics 4 You comes with specific step by step instructions and videos that make starting your own farm EASY. With the ability to double the yield in half the time, it is truly revolutionary. Visit their website today for more info on how to start your own Organic Aquaponics Farm!

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