Philips LED Bulb 16 Pack 60 Watt Equivalent, Soft White

After buying my home in Montana, my first electric bill was $147…Keep in mind my heating is natural gas and water is on a separate bill.

So I looked at the light bulbs in my home and noticed they were old incandescent bulbs (I don’t even think they can be purchased anymore). Each bulb was using about 60 watts. I’m not the most eco-friendly person on the planet (see my auto/detailing page), but that sounds like an excess when LED bulbs only use 8.5 watts as an equivalent. But LED bulbs are expensive right? Not Anymore! 

At about $1.50 per bulb, Philips is selling LED bulbs in a 16-pack. I spent $50 on 32 light bulbs and after one month my energy bill went down to $90! The bulbs paid for themselves in the first month! Can’t beat that!

If you’re eco-friendly, or you just don’t like a high electric bill…

Click here for more information on how to get these bulbs in your home—->

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