GermGuardian AC4900CA

I suffer from serious seasonal allergies. Pollen is the bane of my existence. I can take Claritin or Allegra daily, and it still might not help whenever it is time for bed at night. I started looking at air purifiers that could hopefully scrub the air in my home.

I found a company called Germ Guardian. (I started off with their smaller unit ( since it was cheaper, left it running all day in my bedroom, and that night I slept peacefully without a hint of my problematic allergies that I had before. This led me to buy the bigger unit (pictured to the right) which now purifies my kitchen/living room as well.

Montana has been plagued by wildfires this year and the ash/smoke smell is not even noticeable in the house. Smoke, food, pollen, animals, etc are no match. I highly recommend this product. I plan on buying another for my rental property!

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to your allergies, click here for more info—>

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