Nexx Home Garage Review (Pics)

Nexx Home Garage Review


I have a garage because I don’t like my car to be exposed to the elements, I have expensive toys/tools in my garage, and the outdoor climate likes to make its way into my home. I’m pretty good about closing my garage, but sometimes I forget, or I just don’t want to get up to do it. Luckily, its 2017 and the Future Is Now.

I went on over to my favorite online marketplace and decided that it was time to add to my smart home. The Nexx Home Garage isn’t broadcast as a smart home product, but it 100% is with a features list that is pretty neat.

After about a 30 minute install, this is what it’s capable of:

  • I can allow multiple people to access the garage via the app
  • I can use my voice with Alexa or Google Home to open/close
  • I can control everything remotely with the app on my phone.
  • It knows when I’m about to drive in the garage and opens (beta testing)
  • Notifications if I left the garage open
  • A history of who opened the garage and when


With an app that is easy to use and a user-friendly interface, this is a great purchase for anyone with a garage!

For More Info and How To Purchase:

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